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Qualifying Cooperative Association (Operating on a co-op basis)
A “Qualifying Cooperative Association” is an association of producers of agricultural products, organized and operating on a cooperative basis and so as to adhere to the provisions of the Agricultural Marketing Act or the Capper-Volstead Act.

Individual Agricultural Producer
An “Agricultural Producer” is a person who is actually engaged in the production of agricultural products, including tenants of land used for the production of any such product, and lessors of such land who receive as rent therefore any part of the product of such land.

Family Farm Entity engaged in agricultural production and owned by a single Agricultural Producer.

Family Farm Entity engaged in agricultural production and owned by multiple Agricultural Producers.

Trust or Estate engaged in agricultural production operating for the benefit of the beneficiaries or heirs.

Entity owned entirely by individual Agricultural Producers.

Entity owned by individuals both agricultural producers and non-Agricultural Producers.

Entity is non-agricultural.

Individual is non-Agricultural Producer.

Entity is a municipal State or Federal Government Agency.

Entity is an LLC owned by Agricultural Producers and/or non-Agricultural Producers or entities.

Entity is an LLC owned entirely by Qualifying Cooperatives Associations.

Entity is none of the above.